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Have a good Christmas and New Years! Update on Support times.

  • Friday, 23rd December, 2022
  • 17:47pm

Hi, Ultra.cc family,

We just wanted to wish everyone well during the festive period. Have fun with your families over Christmas and New Years' holidays.

This brings a note on Ultra.cc's support times in late Dec/Early January. Support response times will naturally decrease as we spend time with our loved ones.
Tickets will be viewed less frequently and the lead time could be 24 hours and beyond. Tickets will be resolved per severity.

While we're on the subject of the New Year, please note that come January 31st, Pydio, Requestrr and Couchpotato will all be removed from our Supported applications lineup.
Upgrading or reinstalling these applications after this date will not be possible! We highly recommend that you migrate over to alternative applications mid-Jan.

2022 is another year we'll all be glad to see the end of.
Let's raise a glass in the hope that 2023 is better than the previous few.
Please have a good Christmas and New Year but above all else. Please stay safe!

Team Ultra.cc


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