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Ultra.cc reached a decade old!

  • Friday, 1st October, 2021
  • 18:48pm

Hello Everyone,


We’re celebrating a significant milestone this year: We’re a decade old! We started off with simple things like selling VPS services and reselling OVH/Kimsufi 8$ servers. And now we look into the past and compare it with this year – we cannot be more proud of what we have achieved and what more exciting things we still have to accomplish. With that being said, we would like to share some insight into some changes we have in store.


  1. Our Network (AS208959)
    We are running our network on some of the latest hardware and technologies available. While 400G ports still aren’t a standard in this industry, we are already preparing ourselves to deploy 2x400G port capacity with CDN77 in Q1 2022.
    Here are some of our network’s features you might not know about:

Direct access to major eye-ball networks (Available via CDN77)
Congestion is our enemy and we utilize the CDN77 network to access those eye-ball networks congestion-free.

Large Capacity
We currently have over 400Gbps capacity and PNI’s with multiple backbone networks, with more upgrades coming Q1 2022.

Automatic reroutes around packet loss and congestions
Our software can automatically detect packet loss and congestions on the default routes and can automatically reroute around them via uncongested paths to serve you with excellent quality routes at all times.

  1. One Point communication area
    We are already building a one-stop communication center within our website based on our new UI platform – Refine UI. It will include all the communication related to your Ultra service and news based on the service you own with a seamless login system – No need to create a new set of credentials. It will be available to you within the next 8-10 weeks.

  2. New Documentation
    Improved, homegrown, and highly thought-out new documentation will be available to you within the next 2 weeks. Our comprehensive documentation has been one of our strongest selling points over the years, but we are making it even better by moving towards more community-driven content and removing unnecessary distractions.

Anyone with an active Ultra service can now contribute their guides to our new documentation platform. Additionally, users will be able to submit updates and corrections to existing documents to help catch errors or keep documents up-to-date as software (inevitably) changes.

Dedicated Documentation Staff
Our team will work to keep our docs tidy, updated, and moderated.

Brand-new WYSIWYG Editor
User contribution will be easy and seamless as we employ an advanced WYSIWYG editor, taking the ambiguity out of writing articles with HTML or Markdown.

Easier Navigation
Our current documentation, well, doesn’t have great navigation. We are getting rid of all unnecessary fragmentation.

Enhanced SSH Command Blocks
We’re implementing an enhanced view with controlled text selection and copying – You’ll no longer copy/paste the wrong commands while going through the guides.

Fast and Precise Search
Using the power of Algolia, finding the relevant documentation will be a breeze. Our docs shouldn’t be a puzzle to solve.

  1. Continued First-Class Customer Support
    We have worked incredibly hard to offer you the best support in the industry. Currently, we are employing 7 full-time support staff from different countries to offer you the best, fast and professional support.

  2. Best Price Policy
    We have the best price policy within our company. We always strive to offer the most affordable prices in the industry without compromising the quality of hardware, software, network, support, or any other aspect of Ultra services. We always strive to offer the best without being heavy on your pockets – our current customers can agree. (We still are using the best-in-industry server hardware)

  3. Adding Even More Apps
    Ultra.cc and its team listen to all feedback and note all suggestions, and we thank everyone who contributes to the recommendations. We have decided that our next six will be the ones we see requested the most and would benefit our clients the most. We do not have a time frame, but we do have a list by priority.

    1.  Deluge 2.0 
    2.  qBittorrent
    3.  Prowlarr
    4.  Readarr
    5.  Mylarr3

Our clients are why we can accomplish so much over the years and with your trust and confidence. We still have lots to achieve, and we all will do it together - Cheers to the next ten years.

With that said, we have a little surprise for you for your continued trust and confidence. We have a great lineup of coupons and discounts to celebrate our success. There has never been a better time to join the Ultra family or upgrade your Ultra service.


Sadly, Pro (NVMe) could not be included in these deals for economical reasons.

  1. Taster: Wanting to taste our products and services? 50% Off the first month of any plan with a value of €10.00 and above with ULTRADECADE

  2. Upgrading: Thinking about Upgrading? 10% Prorated discount on the initial upgrade cost, then 10% recurring off upgrades when the value is 4eur greater than your previous plan and you are on a monthly billing cycle. To take advantage, open a ticket now and reference UPGRADE10

  3. Minor Commitment: 25% One-time discount off your first quarter-billing order. For a limited time, we have brought back a quarterly deal and ballooned it for new orders only. Use code ONEQTR at the checkout.

  4. Extra Commitment: For a limited time, we have added a 5% extra recurring on yearly billing for new orders only bringing the total saving to 15% with code TENYEAR5

Thank you for all these years and for choosing us. We wish you the best. 

  • Ultra Team

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