Introducing New Tank Storage Plans + Huge Promotions!

  • Thursday, 7th April, 2022
  • 20:22pm

Dear Clients,

We often get asked how Ultra is profitable despite being so well-priced. Philosophically, it's because we are not in a hurry to grow. We believe that if we continue to make products with customers' best interest in mind, we will continue to prosper. This is why we don’t have revenue or sales targets. When focusing too much on profits, it’s very easy to push bad products onto customers. Not just that, it also prevents organic growth and ends up costing money to (re)acquire customers anyways.

With that being said, we have three pieces of exciting news that we want to share with you people.

  1. Traffic Upgrades & Plan Group Name Change

    • Last year, we retired our xStream plans (which were more expensive than Tank plans while offering the same level of hardware) and we introduced our Tank Storage Plans. Since these plans are still more than capable of streaming, we figured it's time that its name catches up with it. Tank Storage Plans will now be called Tank Streaming Plans.

    • We've increased the traffic upload allowance of all the current Tank Streaming Plans. Sabra is upgraded from 8TB upload to 12TB upload, Panzer is upgraded from 12TB upload to 15TB upload, Leopard from 16TB to 20TB upload, Abrams from 24TB to 30TB upload and Challenger from 32TB to 50TB upload.

  2. Launching our New Tank Storage Plans (Currently in Beta)

    • These plans offer a great amount of storage for great value. They will be available in very limited quantities, on a first come first served basis. Once they sell out, availability will be based solely on when someone discontinues their plan and gives up their space.

    • To celebrate the launch of these new storage plans, we would like to announce a 20% recurring discount with the coupon ULTRADEPOT and it will only work until we run out of stock.

  3. Announcing Limited Recurring Discount on NVMe Plans

    • In addition to the HDD plan changes, we thought it was time for those interested in NVMe to have their temptation tickled a little this Easter. We have installed and set up specific stock and allocated them for an unbeatable promo that we've never done before. The savings are astronomical!

    • These codes are for new orders only — they cannot be applied to previous orders. Most importantly, each code has a limit of one per customer due to the limited availability of this specific stock. When this stock is gone, they're gone! Hurry!

    • You are welcome to open a new order and migrate any of your data over at your convenience.

    • Here are the insane promo codes (valid while the allocated stocks last):
      They are all 20% off recurring and are limited to one use per customer. This could allow you to have one 12mo, one 6mo and one monthly order. This is to remain fair to all.

      • FLASHBOLT - 20% off a monthly OR quarterly subscription

      • FLASHBOLT6 - 20% off a 6-month subscription ON TOP of the 5% saving, making a massive 25% savings over six months

      • FLASHBOLT12 - 20% off an annual subscription, which already saves 10%, bringing this to a whopping 30% over the year. Our best NVMe deal!

We hope you enjoy this flash deal. Just remember, new orders only and while stocks last!

- Happy Easter from your friends at!


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