Pro NVMe FLASHBOLT coupons have now expired. ULTRADEPOT still live!

  • Tuesday, 3rd May, 2022
  • 18:13pm

Hi guys/gals.

Just a little bit of communication regarding one of our expiring promotions.
This is the last day of our vast Pro plan promotion, which enabled 20% off RECURRING.
They are all 20% off recurring and are limited to one use per customer. This could allow you to have one 12mo, one 6mo and one monthly order.

FLASHBOLT - 20% off a monthly OR quarterly subscription
FLASHBOLT6 - 20% off a 6-month subscription ON TOP of the 5% saving, making a massive 25% savings over six months
FLASHBOLT12 - 20% off an annual subscription, which already saves 10%, bringing this to a whopping 30% over the year. Our best NVMe deal!

Hurry and good luck :)

This Promotion has now expired. For those wanting more storage for less, ULTRADEPOT is still valid :)

All the best

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