Upgraded Network Tools & User Rerouting

  • Monday, 16th May, 2022
  • 22:49pm

Hey folks!

We’ve got some exciting news for you! Our team has been working tirelessly to upgrade our speedtest tool with a rather handy feature: rerouting. For anyone with at least one active service, you can now test your speeds for all available routes and set your desired route based on the results. We’ve also included the option to automatically reroute your traffic, so you can simply run the speedtests and let our tool apply the best route for you. Check out our guide to help you get started.

There have also been subtle improvements made to the presentation of the speedtest stats, making it easier to read and understand the chart data. This includes separate labels for the upload speed axis and more informative tooltips. Also, for signed in users, each route has been colour-coded to more easily identify and compare the results.

In addition to the speedtest improvements, we’ve adjusted the output for our looking glass commands to present the data in a more uniform and meaningful way.

The Ping command’s output has been simplified, focusing on latency measurements per ping and providing a summary of packet loss and the average latency (including the standard deviation).

The MTR command has seen a significant reduction in output clutter. We’ve distilled the stats down to four major metrics:

  1. packet loss percentage
  2. latency (including standard deviation)
  3. jitter
  4. interarrival jitter

We’ve also added a configurable cycle count that allows for longer, more robust testing when required.

The speedtest rerouting feature is being released today in beta. We kindly ask that you use the “Submit Feedback” button on the Network Tools pages to let us know about any bugs you may come across and also please share any suggestions or feedback you may have to help us improve these tools even more.

All the best to you guys!

- Team Ultra.cc

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