Upcoming changes to Ultra.cc pricing

  • Wednesday, 29th June, 2022
  • 22:52pm

Hello Ultra customers and followers,

We thank you for your continued support and love. This announcement is to inform you that due to rising industry costs, new orders will be subject to a price increase effective August 1st 2022. Active orders will not be subject to this increase.

Please refer to the following table for price-change details:

Price-Change Table

Reason for the Change

Ultra.cc has seen extraordinary growth over the last 36 months. To continue this growth, we must make some tough decisions.

It is no secret that energy and maintenance costs have risen to almost unsustainable levels for many businesses. Unfortunately, we are no exception.

Initially, we were able to mitigate some of the rising costs thanks to our existing arrangements with our suppliers. It’s one of our core values to pass on savings to our clients, whenever possible. However, as we require more hardware and racks, it has reached the stage where it is no longer sustainable for Ultra to keep growing with our current product tariffs.

So, from August 1st 2022, there will be a slight price increase to our current plan lineup for all new orders. Existing orders will not be affected.

We believe this is necessary to continue growth and cover rising maintenance and energy costs, while not compromising the service quality we are so proud of.

Over the last year, we’ve made investments in some crucial aspects of our infrastructure.

  • Servers
    We have invested substantially in new, modern hardware. Most of our own infrastructure now boasts industry-leading EPYC 128 core CPUs, which offer excellent performance.
  • Switches
    We invested heavily in our network infrastructure in the last couple of years, as well. We use top-quality hardware from Arista and Edgecore and have started using 400G Ports. We do not have a single 10G port in our infrastructure.
  • Transits
    We now have a network capacity of over 1Tbps with an excellent transit mix (favoring mostly CDN77).
    • 2x400G – CDN77
    • 1x100G – Cogent (for redundancy)
    • 1x100G – Hurricane Electric (for redundancy)
    • 1x100G – Speed-IX
  • Redundancy
    We are expanding our footprint to even more Data Centers by next year. We will expand our racks to Interxion DC for better redundancy.
  • Premium Support
    Much investment has been made to continue to provide industry-leading support and customer experience.
  • Apps
    We are keeping our apps deployment up-to-date with current trends and offering a superb apps lineup.
  • Community Maintenance and Management
    Providing a robust experience with exceptional levels of community support.
  • Custom Scripts
    We’ve got more custom scripts in our repo than ever before. We listen to our community and know what they want — 2nd instances and scripts for unofficially supported applications.
  • Revamped Network Tools + Rerouting
    Developed from the ground up, our network tools suite is complete with looking glass, mtr, and an intelligent reroute tool to ensure you receive the best peering.
  • Custom Documentation Platform
    Coming soon!

Impact on Current Customers

We will never raise the price on an active order we have already agreed on. All current active orders will not be subject to a price change.

Effective August 1st 2022:

  1. All new orders will be subject to the new pricing scheme.
  2. All upgrades and downgrades will be subject to the new pricing scheme (as they are, in effect, new orders).
  3. Changes to your billing cycle will be subject to the new pricing scheme.

Would now be a good time to lock in?

Given these changes that will take effect on August 1st 2022, if you are happy with our products and service, then now is an excellent time to commit to a longer-term plan, upgrade an existing plan, or even purchase additional plans from us! It could save you money in the long run.

Due to market conditions, it is unlikely that new promo codes will become available before the end of 2022, at the earliest.

NOTE: Between now and August 1st 2022, we will honor any billing cycle change, regardless of the due date.

Filling the gap!

In the process of calculating the price changes, we identified a challenge: we want a media server plan to be available at a low cost. So, we will introduce the new entry-level Tank Streaming plan: Scorpion. This plan will offer 3TB space with 8TB upload for €13.95. It will offer the same performance as our other Tank Streaming products at an extremely competitive price.

Key areas still to improve

  • UCPv2
    The current control panel is dated and we have begun development to make it modern, easy on the eye and, most of all, easy to navigate.
  • Docs
    Documentation will be integrated and migrated into our website later this year, allowing for user-generated content and deep integration into UCPv2.
  • News
    Better news integration with our website with the aim of improved customer reach.

Will prices rise again in the future?

We hope not! We have already absorbed much of the previous crisis in our industry, such as rising hardware costs due to chip shortage and the massive crypto-mining boom. The result of this was a skyrocket in storage prices.

It has always been a core value to keep costs as competitive as possible and to pass any savings we can on to our customers. We offer a great deal for your hard-earned money and want to continue that.

We thank you for being fantastic customers and growing with us. If you have any questions or concerns then, please contact us.

Let’s all continue to innovate together.


Best Regards,
Ultra.cc Team

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