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Two new network locations added!

  • Friday, 14th October, 2022
  • 00:35am

Hi, clients of Ultra.cc! We hope you are all doing ok.

We’re just updating you with some very exciting news.

Today we are excited to be finally announcing the erection of two new network locations to improve the performance and experience of customers outside of Europe.

One is a Singapore-based DC, and the other is based in Canada.

We will only have one server in each location to test the waters. If that is successful, we will consider expansion from there.

Who are they for?

These locations are tailored toward customers prioritising their home peering, latency and throughput speed. Asia/Australia/NZ would probably opt for SG, while US/CA would most likely opt for the CA-based location.

Remember that speed and latency to European-based servers and services may be affected as you’re no longer in the same backyard.

Order Pages:

Canada Store:


Singapore Store:


ADDONS May be slightly more expensive

Full disclosure, traffic in these locations is very costly, and unfortunately, we must offset some of that into the traffic addons. So, you may find that traffic add-ons are a little more expensive than in our Netherlands location.

Unfortunately, No Migrations. For now!

For the time being, we have decided that these will be available for new orders only. Due to staff being highly occupied with other priority migration commitments and the time it will take to migrate Europe -> SG/CA Currently, we cannot assist with the migration process. – This is a hard decision; it is only a “not right now”.

With that said, if you wish to purchase and migrate your own service across, you are free to do that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on one of our communication avenues:

Discord: discord.ultra.cc
Email: [email protected]
Or Submit a ticket.

Best Regards,
Ultra.cc Management

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