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Introducing New Tank Storage Plans + Huge Promotions!

  • 7th April 2022
Dear Clients, We often get asked how Ultra is profitable despite being so well-priced. Philosophically, it's because we are not in a hurry to grow. We believe that if we continue to make products with customers' best interest in mind, we will continue to prosper. This is why we don’t have revenue or sales targets. When focusing too much on ...
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Improvement in Torrent Download Clients behaviour

  • 16th February 2022
Dear Clients, Recently, we have made some changes to our Torrent Download Clients behaviour for better organization, The default download directory has been changed to '~/downloads/<download_client>'. The default watch directory for the download clients has been changed to '~/watch/<download_client>'. Also, now you will be ...
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No price increase at Ultra due to power rates increases

  • 27th January 2022
Dear Client,   We have been getting lots of tickets asking the question if we are going to increase our prices or not with the recent market changes worldwide, including energy rates, have gone up significantly in recent months - specially in Europe where our whole infrastructure is hosted currently. We are not going to increase any prices on ...
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[GLOBAL] Deluge 2.0.x will be updated to 2.0.5 - 7PM CEST.

  • 11th January 2022
Hey guys/gals. To make all clients aware, we will be stopping all instances of Deluge 2.0.x at 7 PM CEST.This is to update Deluge to the most recent stable version 2.0.5 with significant bug fixes.I would highly recommend that you pause all torrent activity and/or RSS around this time to avoid any potential issues. Thank you for your ...
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